At Tosuta, our team is dedicated to delivering the best quality confectionery and other fine products from around the world to the Canadian market. The brands we import reflect our high standards for both products and service. We are proud to be a Canadian owned and operated wholesale company.

Under Canada’s favourite Koala brand, we import only the finest European and American gummies and sours. While the original gummy bear recipe hails from Europe, Canadians agree that it is still the best.

Our popular Livewires, also from Europe, became a Canadian sensation in a matter of a few years. These candy cream-filled cables are available in regular and sour (you’ll quickly discover why we call them “tongue painters”).

There have been (and still are) many imitations, but the original Red Band Sour Suckers remain Canada’s best seller. And for good reason. Looks can be deceiving, but a simple taste comparison quickly reveals that there is, in fact, no comparison at all.

Speaking of best-sellers, we’ve also brought the international favourite, Hi-Chew, to the Canadian market. These mouth-watering chewy candies come in a delicious assortment of fruit flavours.

To help relieve common cold symptoms throughout our winter months, Tosuta presents Bentasil Soft Lozenges. They are convenient, chewy, and come in a variety of flavours. And they go to work fast on sore throats, nagging coughs and stuffy noses.

For more information on any of our fine products, please browse our website and contact us with any further questions – or kudos! We look forward to hearing from you.